case study: CEDAR PARK WATER


Project Description


The city of Cedar Park Water needed to bring customer and public awareness to their new customer web portal. We needed to announce the new feature, and provide examples of the portal's functionality. We wanted to present the information through a modern aesthetic, that would pop out in a social media feed, while presenting clear, accurate details for our viewers and customers. Featured above is our final product. The video was broadcasted throughout social media and online. 




With only a script and a set of art assets I needed to include, the client was open to my creative direction. After researching the latest trends in mobile app commercials, I presented to the client my ideas and direction, through storyboards and art samples.

Pictured above: Screen grabs from mobile app commercials from top tech companies (top) and client's art assets and mobile app screens (bottom)


voice, sfx & music



After providing a few samples of VO options to the client, we selected the best fit and added it in, along with upbeat instrumental music, and sound effects.