case study: Agero Driver360®


Project Description

A Seattle based PR firm brought me on to help imagine and craft an explainer video for Agero, an information technology and services company, that would showcase and pitch their new holistic mobile solution that provides automatic crash detection, response and prevention. Their target audience was insurance providers and automotive manufacturers. The Driver360 mobile software development kit (SDK) will integrate into their existing mobile apps.

Within four weeks, we created the above video for a successful product launch. The explainer is now shown at trade shows and used for B2B marketing purposes.


Story Development

With only the client's script, I began by storyboarding, adding to the details in the art along the way. With a lot of data points, we needed to present the info in an attractive and engaging way while clearly communicating important statistics and details.


Style Development

With their brand guidelines and a reference video they liked, I proposed a similarly stylized piece with a limited color palette. We would have clever, seamless transitions between shots, and incorporate a mix of 2D and 3D-like animation. Picture above: reference video shots and branding color palette. Pictured below: shots from the final video


voice & music

Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 4.06.01 PM.png

After providing a few samples of VO options, Male and Female, to the client, we selected the best fit. I also provided the music selection, choosing to go with something light and subtle that wouldn’t distract from the VO.